I Did It! My 5k Race Update

Remember when I said I was going to kick off the summer by running a 5k?

Today I did it!

At a certain point yesterday I figured that I should find out what time the race was. I was sort of surprised to realize it was at 7:30am. So much earlier than I thought it would be. I was guessing it would be at 9. Oh well. I set my alarm before I went to bed and got up super early this morning.

It was for a good cause though. I ran the Snowball Express 5k. It raised money for kids who have lost a parent in the war. A great race to run on Memorial Day weekend.

5k(photo from last year’s race)

Due to my IT Band issues, I am unable to run for very long without taking walking breaks. So, I set my goal to finish with a 12:25 pace or faster. My legs were not feeling great this morning and I seemed to have tweaked one of my knees. It was feeling sort of weird.

There were about 400 runners. I’m always astounded that there are so many runners in this area. Franklin, TN could host a race every weekend and have that many people or more show up.

I didn’t know anyone at the race, but there is no friendlier race than a 5k. Everyone is so kind and encouraging and there are runners and walkers or all levels of fitness.

I was able to complete the race and beat my goal pace! My time was 36:57. I finished with a 11:54 pace. Yay.

So, how about you? What are you doing to kick off your Memorial Day weekend?


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