Countdown To 5k

Sometimes you need to put something on the calendar to get yourself motivated to do something. So, I did it. I registered for a 5k that is on May 23. That gives me 8 1/2 weeks to prepare.

Who wants to run with me? You can literally run with me in Tennessee or you can run a 5k somewhere else. The idea is that we would all do it on the same weekend (May 23-24) and then check-in later with our results.


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Think about it. Maybe running isn’t your thing, but maybe there is something else that you can do as far is taking care of yourself physically for the next 8 weeks. Maybe you want to do weigh training to get your arms ready for swimsuit season 🙂

I’m jumping back into using the Couch to 5k training program. So, who is in? I think this will be a fun way to kick off summer.


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