Setting Goals For 2014

I love new beginnings and I love lists. I’m a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. I’m an awesome “beginniner”. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible “finisher”.

I’ve been thinking over my goals for this year and trying to figure out what my big problems are with actually accomplishing them. So, why am I falling short?


  • I set unattainable goals. Any time I set a goal to do something every single day for an entire year, I have failed. I need to come up with something that challenges me, but also is attainable. I don’t want to write off progress I’ve made or quit altogether just because I missed doing something for one day of the year.
  • I make my goals and then I don’t actually look at them again or even remember they exist. This year I’m working on making my goals more visible. I’m posting them on the fridge. I’m thinking through what I’m doing each week and going to do what I can to keep them in the forefront of my mind.
  • I’m not making myself accountable to anyone else. 

I’m sure there are other issues as well, but those are my big 3.

How about you? What trips you up when it comes to accomplishing your goals?

One thought on “Setting Goals For 2014

  1. I always make too many goals. Last year I limited myself to 5 and it worked really well. Also, when I failed at a goal, I didn’t just give it up entirely. I set another start date, a day or so later, and gave myself grace to start again. Happy New Year to you Amy!

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