One Secret to Meeting Your New Year’s Goals

You need a compelling “why”.

Do you want to do something big this year? Is it going to be a lot of work? Then you should be prepared to remind yourself every day why it’s worth it.  Every day.

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Would you care to share one of your big goals for the year and your “why?” Frame it in positive terms too (not just negative).

For example, one of my big goals for the year is to help my family (and myself) eat more healthy food. My “why?”- The way I feed my children will impact the choices they make and partly determine their health. It’s kind of  big deal. I need to work on making this goal more specific, but it’s a start.

I need a reminder of the high stakes of my goal. Not to make me feel like a failure, but to motivate me to accomplish it.

Let’s do this! 2014 is going to be a great year!

6 thoughts on “One Secret to Meeting Your New Year’s Goals

  1. One of my goals is to start taking more time for me. I’ve spent the last 6-7 years with the pedal to the metal building my business and caring for Ethan (first when he was little and then homeschooling). I have lost touch with my hobbies and don’t have many close relationships with girlfriends as a result. I’ve already taken major steps toward this goal in the last few months by letting go of some work. Looking forward to using the new free time to start rediscovering my hobbies. 🙂

    Great question!

  2. My new year is an empty canvas, what with quitting my job. I was starting to stress myself out thinking of all the things I should accomplish. But then I realized that getting rid of stress was the point of quitting, so I’m giving myself littler goals. This year is for trying things and seeing what works and what makes me happy (and relaxed, not stressed.) Of course, I have a weight loss goal, because I always will until I’m at a healthy BMI. And that, unfortunately, is a “product” goal. But then I made January goals and these are all “process” goals – what I actually will need to do to achieve this final goal. And I didn’t give myself any “do this 100% of the time” goals. If I can plan my meals 75% of the time and stick close to the plan 75% of those days, I will be off to a good start. That way, when I mess up, it is actually expected, since 75% done well is an expectation of 25% done not-so-well.

    At my age, you would think I’d have it figured out, but I don’t. Every year is a new chance to do more things right!

  3. Unless we are out and about at bedtime (say, for small group of date night) we will be praying together as a family. The exceptions may result in one missed day a week, but in the days when we have done this in the past, we have felt very close as a family. That’s a pretty big why.

  4. for there to be less “me” and more Jesus… and in that end, to work on turning the cravings of sugar/unhealthy food to cravings of a deeper relationship with my TRUE Savior. Happy New Year!

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