Giving- Part 2

2 years ago, we were packing up everything we owned and getting ready to move across the country. We were ready for a change and a new adventure. My husband had spent 15 years doing every job that has ever existed in IT and what he really wanted to do was program.

On a whim, Nathan applied for a job we thought was a long shot. Well, truth be told, I knew in my heart if Nathan was granted an interview that he would be offered a job. 3 months later, we were hiring a moving truck.

I couldn’t have predicted what our life looks like now. We are very grateful. There is a bittersweetness to it. We are far from family and that’s hard– especially during this time of year. But this has been incredibly encouraging for Nathan. He looks forward to going to work every day. He loves what he does– he gets giddy about programming. His team leads have high expectations, but are very encouraging. His co-workers have become close friends. The work that he does helps people. Not everyone has an opportunity like this and we are so grateful.

What Dave says about gratitude and giving makes so much since. People who are grateful are generous. In this season of our life, we have been surrounded by people who are excited about giving to others and it has been inspiring to us. We want to be people who live out our gratitude with action.

I hope to use this blog this year to share more about giving– not just our stories, in fact, I’m not going to even tell you which stories are our personal experiences! If you have a story of being on the giving or the receiving side of generosity, send me your story to

Here’s Dave Ramsey on gratitude and generosity.

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