A note from Amy

A note about the recent reporting by journalist Bob Smietana.

In April of 2020, I shared some of our family’s story regarding leaving Ramsey Solutions. After a lot of prayer and carefully choosing each word I shared, I knew it was the right thing to do and the right time to do it. You can read it here. In the same way, I came to realize that this was the right time to go on the record with a trusted journalist who cares about truth and integrity more than a salacious story.

Since late 2011, when my husband began his interview process with Ramsey Solutions, I was very much involved in the Ramsey Solutions experience. I found the job posting. I encouraged him to apply. I participated in several spousal interviews, and shortly after Nathan started his job there, I became an administrator on the Lampo Ladies Facebook page. I invested a lot of time and energy into welcoming new people and helping them get adjusted to life in TN (if they moved here from out of state). I felt as committed to the Lampo Group (Ramsey Solutions) as my husband did.

I can talk about our experience because it’s not just Nathan’s experience.

A note to our friends who still work at Ramsey Solutions:

I know how hard it is to hear negative things about a place that provides your paycheck. I know how confusing it is when your own experience is a good one. I know the sick feeling of just wanting all the chatter to stop. I’ve felt it many times. If you have any questions, whether you are an employee or a spouse, I welcome conversation with you. It is not “gossip” for one to share their own story or for you to ask about our personal experience.

My only desire for this is to honor God and allow people to know the truth of our experience.

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