Saturday Links

Happy Saturday!

I’ve been gone for a while because my “s” key on my laptop stopped working. It put a serious damper on my ability to post anything. I’m happily typing today on my new laptop. The “s” works fabulously!

Here are some of my favorite links from this week:

The Vanderbloemen Podcast/Articles

Technically this is something geared toward church leadership, but I can’t help myself. I find all of these things so interesting. This podcast episode talked about the “meet and greet” time that lots of churches have and how it can sometimes be awkward. They also discussed other things churches do to welcome people.

This Is Us apology video

In the interest of full disclosure, I am about 10 episodes behind, but I still think this is funny/sweet.

One Surprising Way I Found Relief From Anxiety– from Emily P. Freeman

Emily writes in a way that is so encouraging and is a huge cheerleader for creating with our words and our lives. I think you’ll like this article.


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