Surviving A Move: When You Can’t Find Your Toaster

This one’s for Ashley. When I polled my friends about what were some hard things about moving, she mentioned losing her toaster. Ha!

One of the universal truths about moving is that you are going to lose things. You are going to start your packing with meticulous lists and labeling of each item and each box.


After several days of packing, you’ll discover that to make the most of your space, you need to throw random things into boxes. Your toaster might end up in a box of books because it was the perfect shape and weight.


When you arrive at your new home, I hate to tell you this, you will be tired. More tired than you can imagine. So tired you can’t fathom walking up the stairs to bed. The fact that you packed your toaster with the books won’t occur to you.


You’ll look at that pile of boxes and see the one marked “Kid Books” with a black sharpie and decide that your kids aren’t going to need those particular books for several months and that box will go in the back of the attic storage. Goodbye toaster.



I guess this isn’t a “what to do” post so much as a “this will probably happen” post.

Brain fog from moving is a real thing. Exhaustion from moving is a real thing. Lack of space in the moving truck is a real thing. At the end of the day, when you’ve been loading a moving truck and still have random items around the house, you’re going to ask yourself if it might not just be a better idea to get rid of everything that’s left and buy what you need when you land in your new home.

How about you? Tell me about the things you lost! Did you pack random items together at the end of your packing? Were there things you ran out of room for in your packing process?

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