Here’s What You Really Need In A Man

Did you ever make a list of qualities you were looking for in the man you would marry someday? I had a list. The problem with the list is that sometimes we focus too much on looking for the perfect date and not so much on the perfect mate.

A flashy date is impressive over the short-term, but the shiny wears off and doesn’t last.



Do you know what women need more than flashy? They need dependable, hard-working and self-less.

That’s the person we want to sit next to at our kids’ graduations. The man who will text prayers for his daughter to see when he can’t be there to tuck her in sometimes.




Don’t look for slick and cool. Those are extras.

Look for someone who makes you laugh, brings out the best in you and loves Jesus.

Because a man who loves Jesus first will love his wife and his family. That’s a man you can trust. A man you can live with.


You don’t need a man who is trying to impress others, but one who serves them.

Do you know what’s really impressive? A man who cleans out puke buckets and doesn’t call parenting “women’s work”.



In the end, what we need ends up being what we want. Because, who wants a smooth-talking, flashy immature boy when you need someone to help you fold a fitted sheet, take out the recycling, figure out if the kids are okay, and you want someone to watch a season of Castle in 3 days?

Happy Father’s Day to the best man I know. You set the bar high for our daughter’s future husband and that’s just the way I like it!

3 thoughts on “Here’s What You Really Need In A Man

  1. Amy,
    I hope some day you, too, will know you raised your little boys to be that man. There is NO better feeling. Thank you so much for that post. We all have to let our sons go, eventually, but it is sure great to know that they went to someone who loves and appreciates them as much as their mama does.

  2. Well written Amy, you must have been raised by some amazing parent, maybe even both sides! I think so!

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