Summer Of Fun: Part II

Our Sumer Of Fun is in full force.

Honestly, it would be easy to summarize last week as “not fun”. We are dealing with some really heavy things and trying to figure out how to navigate it all, but that hasn’t sucked out all our fun.

First of all, if you need an easy way to infuse FUN into your summer, that doesn’t require much from you, the parent, you can’t do much better than getting your kids to VBS! That’s what we did last week! 5 days in a row of singing fun songs with hand motions, stories, games & crafts! And I didn’t have to do it! They hung out with 650 kids and had a blast!

Here are my wrist-band/claim tickets to collect my kids at the end of the day:


Speaking of free things to keep your kids occupied, may I suggest a trip to the library?


Audrey picked out some books about puppies and American Girls. Isaac got a book about deadly spiders. This is a pretty good picture of what my life is like 🙂


We wrapped out our week with a shopping trip to prepare for Father’s Day.



I was happy to have the kids with me. It turns out, Ethan knew exactly what his dad wanted to Father’s Day and where to find it! They are the best shopping buddies! I am not a lover of shopping and we had just spent the morning the sun. I was so exhausted. If Ethan hadn’t been there, I would have bought a box of red hots and called it good 🙂


**Edited to Add This: I am fully submerged in watching LOST. I’m only supposed to watch 3 episodes a week and then discuss it with my Show Club, but that has turned out to be too much to ask. I’m 16 (or so) episodes in and I have so many questions. It’s been a fun diversion!

Tell me about your Summer Of Fun!

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