Our Summer Homeschool Schedule

We have worked hard during the school year and my kids counted down the days until summer. So, we are definitely taking a “break” for the summer. The pool is calling us!



Even though we are making the most of our summer vacation, with two relatively new readers, I don’t think it would be a good idea to completely take a break from everything. So, I have a simple schedule that we follow for our “summer school” for most days:

I have the kids do 1 hour of “school” each day. I don’t put “reading” on Ethan and Audrey’s lists because they read every day already and are loving it. It’s just a part of their daily routine already. I also spend time reading out loud to all three of them.

Each of them have different lists to work through and different priorities.

Ethan’s List (rising 5th grader)– Math lesson,Art of Problem Solving Beast Academy 3A Guide and Practice Bundle 2-Book Set
, and Reflex.

I picked up the Beast Academy books at the recommendation of a friend and Ethan is loving it. It has the teaching portion presented in a fun comic-book like format and then there is a workbook with problems to solve that go with what he read. It is very cool.

Audrey’s List (rising 3rd grader)– Language Arts Lesson (because she is not as far along as I would like for her to be), Math Lesson, Reflex.

Isaac’s List (rising 1st grader)All About Reading Lesson, CLP Workbook, Handwriting Practice.

They work through their list in the order that I give it to them. If they finish before an hour is up, they are done. If they don’t finish everything, I don’t sweat it. This is all just to keep their brains working and to help them not lose any knowledge over the summer months.

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