30 Days of Letting Go Project, Day 1

Here we go! I’m letting go. November 1st kicks off my first ever 30 days of blogging project. I admitted yesterday that I have a terrible, horrible, very bad habit of hanging on to control of things. These are things I need to let go of. What exactly am I letting go of?

I am so glad you asked.


I’m letting go of laundry.

Specifically folding and putting away the children’s laundry. So, today I announced my retirement. When there is enough laundry to pile up that the kids dive into it like a ball pit at a children’s play place, it’s time to share the joy of folding.



Why choose laundry? 1) I’m pretty sure it’s a skill all three of my kids (ages 9, 8 and 5) can master, and 2) I don’t get any particular joy from folding and putting away their clothes, and 3) Their future spouse/roommate will thank me.

How about you? Doesn’t this look fun? I’m going to go and put my feet up while my children put away their clothes.


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