Yes, You Could Do That

The most common response I get when I tell people that I homeschool our children?

“I could NEVER do that.”

I’m not completely sure what people mean when they say that. I usually give folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they think that I have some great skill or patience that they don’t have. I’m sure, for some, it means that they think that homeschooling would be a disservice to their children.

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I’d like to propose doing away with that response altogether. Most people I know who choose to teach their children at home do it because they feel it is God’s calling for their family. It’s about obedience. It’s not about how much patience, teaching ability and creativity one has. It’s simply being willing to say, “yes” when God asks.

Sometimes God asks us to give more of our resources. Sometimes He calls a family to move to Cambodia to help fight human trafficking. Sometimes he asks us to teach 2nd grade Sunday School. Sometimes He calls us to do things that make sense. Sometimes He calls us to do something that makes no sense and we can only do with His help.

He calls some families to homeschool. And, yes, if He called you, you could do that. Even you.

4 thoughts on “Yes, You Could Do That

  1. Patience LOL my husband asked my daughter night before last “do you think mommy has alot of patience for homeschooling” my 8 year old thought he meant PATIENTS….she said “yea pretty much she usually has about 32 patients every Monday and they’re all there for mental”. (Bc mental to her…means helping the brain)

    We roared with laughter 🙂 she’s right…..I have patients but not patience and we are all kinda there for the mental aren’t we? Isn’t that why we go meet up at co op? To support encourage and learn together because we just need that little mental break and mental support from each other while another mommy leads a lesson. I built my own co op so the break is never mine thugh……out of the mouths of babes hahaha!

  2. Oh, yes. Even way back when I was homeschooling in the 80’s, that was the response i always got. I never even thought they might have meant it the second way, but I’ll bet they did at least half the time. Their loss, not mine. It proved to be a great decision for our family.

    1. Homeschooling is a lot more common than it was 30 years ago, but it’s still considered an “alternative”. It’s interesting that some things don’t really change :-0

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