Just Add Balloons

Do you ever wonder why some people’s lives seem more fun than yours?

I think I’ve figured out the secret.


Yes. Balloons. Literal and figurative balloons.

The people whose lives are inspiring me the most these days are the ย ones who regularly make memorable moments in their everyday lives. I used to lament the fact that my life wasn’t interesting. Now I’m convinced that if I want “interesting” there is something I can do about it. Bob Goff helped his children write letters to government officials all over the world asking if they could meet and talk about what their hopes and dreams were. Some of them even wrote back and invited them to their countries! That adventure would have never happened if he hadn’t initiated it.

I don’t have the resources and connections that Bob has, but I can use what I have. Yesterday, I bought a bag of 72 balloons. I blew them all up and filled the front entryway with them.


The kids and I strategically placed ourselves and when my husband opened the front door, we dumped the remaining balloons on him.


Guess what my kids are going to remember about yesterday? Balloons.

The good thing about balloons is that everyone has access to them. Maybe your “balloon” is going down the slide at the park with your kids. Maybe it’s setting up the tent in the back yard.

What do you think? How can you add balloons to today? I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Just Add Balloons

  1. Amy! I LOVE how your mind works! What a great idea. My “balloon” is to greet my husband at the door totally NAKED! He loves it! Something for you to remember when you are empty-nesters. Thanks for the great idea.


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