Saturday Links- Mother’s Day Edition

There are so many great Mother’s Day articles. I’m having a hard time narrowing down which ones I should share. These are my favorites:

To My Daughter At Intermission

I so related to this. My daughter is 10. She has 8 years left of full-time living under my roof (gulp).

Busting Some Myths About Mothering

Hint: #3 is one I needed to hear.

Surrendering To the Reality Of Motherhood

If becoming a mom was more difficult for you than you expected or you dealt with depression, you need to read this. My friend, Kate Laymon wrote this and she’s a great resource for moms.

For All The Defeated Moms {You’re Actually In A Good Place}

“I face the uncomfortable truth that the Christian life is not about sustained winning. It is about sustained dependance.” – Marian Vischer

So good, y’all!

Dear Moms, Don’t Write Yourself Out Of The Story

I promise I didn’t choose this one because the author shares my first and middle name and lives in MN 🙂

“The truth is, my default way of thinking and behaving has been to write myself out of my story because I’m first and foremost a mom. I haven’t wanted to acknowledge that I need prayer as a woman, NOT just prayer as a mom. But as I prayed for our family and for myself this week, I knew it, I could feel it. I needed to write myself back into my own story. I needed to KEEP myself in my story.”  – Amy Beth Pederson

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