Surviving A Move: Some Things We Got Wrong

I read recently that you learn a lot more from failure than you do from success. That was true for our move from MN to TN. These are some things I wish we had done differently.

We Should Have Taken At Least One Vacation Day Between Jobs

Nathan worked his job in Minnesota until the end of the day on Friday. He started his new job in Tennessee on Monday. Sure, we had the weekend, but that was travel time. We were exhausted and stressed out. We should have given ourselves a little more breathing room.

We Should Have Asked For More Help Earlier

That’s two things: start working on projects earlier.

Start working on projects earlier.

Ask for help!


We were drowning in daily stuff plus house projects we had put off that now needed to be finished. We outsourced some stuff, but not all of it. She should have hired out all of the house projects. In the end, that’s what we had to do anyway because we ran out of time and we ran into some unexpected issues with inspections. It was a disaster.

We Should Have Prioritized Time With Friends

Because of the mistake we made with taking on too much stuff ourselves, we didn’t have extra time to connect with our friends before leaving. It seems like an obvious thing that one would get right. When the clock is ticking and you only have a limited time. Social things feel frivolous.

How about you? What did you do wrong when you moved? I would love to hear from you.


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