Some Assembly Required- A Book Review

I just finished reading “Some Assembly Required: A Journal of my Son’s First Son” by Anne Lammott.

Reading this story from the perspective of the grandmother was fascinating and Anne is very funny. I have a new appreciation for the delicate dance that parents go through when their children become parents.

I was reminded of the crazy dynamics between my mother and myself and I was trying to learn to be a mom to my first baby and dealing with out of control hormones and adjusting to a new sort of relationship with my mom.

An editorial review on amazon says this: ” When Sam announced that he and recent girlfriend Amy were about to become parents, Lamott reacted as only Lamott could, with a joyful “Oh, yes!” followed by a fearful “Oh, no!” After all, at fiftysomething, she was too young to be a grandmother, and at 19, Sam was too young to be a father. But tell all that to Jax, who is, of course, the Perfect Baby. That his parents’ relationship is less so is a source of constant consternation for Lamott, who tries to fix things in her own inimitable and irritating way. Funny, frantic, and frustrating, Lamott enthusiastically embraces this new chapter in her life, learning that she is a wiser grandparent than parent who, nevertheless, managed to produce one pretty remarkable son.”

She uses some language I wouldn’t use. So, that wasn’t my favorite thing. But it was honest and funny and everything I think I would struggle with as a mom when my own children start their families (in many, many years). She lost me a little when she had non-grandmother-type accounts included in the book. I mostly wanted to hear about her experience as a mom and grandma. Thankfully, she stuck to that for the most part.

To the grandparents of my kids: Thank you for being awesome!

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