Hey There! I’m Amy.

My favorite things to write about are articles that encourage women in their Christian faith and what I’m learning about raising my kids, following Jesus and making life simple, connected, and meaningful.

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My articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, For Every Mom, and at Christine Chappell’s page.

I’m a follower of Jesus so you’ll see posts about faith and how I love the local church but still feel like quitting sometimes. I’m a mom of three kids. Some of them struggle with mental health issues. I have learned a lot during the last several years about ADHD and OCD and I share some of that here.

Some of my top posts:

The Problem of Pastoral Plagiarism

That time I wanted to break up with my church

This Is One Of The Hardest Things About Parenting

Confessions Of My Awkward Attempt To Make Friends

Sometimes You Can’t Pray It Away. Mental Health And The Church

What You Need to Know About Parents Of Kids With Mental Health Struggles


A faithful God in an unfaithful world.

Hopeful faith and fighting cynicism

Awkward attempts at making new friends.

My husband and I live with our three children and a dog named Max. We are transplants to middle Tennessee from Minnesota. Someday, the entire story of our move will be posted, but for now, you can find snippets here and here. Our cross-country move gave me a deep burden for women in transition. If I could sit next to you at a coffee shop, I would tell you all the things I did wrong and how God was still faithful. We would also compare notes on what it’s like to make new friends and how awkward it can be.

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How to find me:

email- amy (at) amyfritzwrites.com


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  1. I start to describe myself as a “child of God”. At least I tell myself that is the most important identification I have. Some times I get overwhelmed in the things I do that seem to define me. some of the things I do I would not want to define me. You are a child of God and also a very good wife and mother- as well as an exceptional daughter. You are precious and loved. Keep up the great walk! I love you!

  2. Hello! My husband and I will soon be moving to Nashville. I originally found your blog when he applied last summer to work for Dave Ramsey. But God had other plans and that door was closed, we were fine with it and moved on.Less than a year later and we’re moving there after all!

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