The Ministry of Ordinary Places

Shannan Martin is the author I want to be when I grow up. The Ministry of Ordinary Places is the perfect example of how compelling writing naturally flows out of intentional living.

She makes it look easy. (Narrator’s note: It is not, in fact, “easy”.)

The Ministry of Ordinary Places, Shannan’s new book, is about paying attention, looking for the beauty in our everyday lives, and committing to staying in hard, imperfect places. She says, “Somewhere on the path toward the weird way of Jesus. . . I uncovered my calling. . . And because I’m your friend to the end, I’m here to save you the trouble: it’s your calling too.”

In one sense, this is a book that answers the question “How do I love my neighbors?” However, this isn’t an account of how Shannan saved her neighbors. It’s not even a story of how her neighbors saved her. It’s a narrative of what happens when you show up for your community and allow them to show up for you.

When I first heard about this book, I raised my hand as quickly as I could to sign up to be a part of the launch team. The message of this book is a theme I keep hearing and desire to live out myself.

” . . .sometimes the best thing we can do for the world we’re in is let our roots keep growing with no regard to the climate around us.” – Shannan Martin, The Ministry of Ordinary Places

I keep coming back to wondering what would happen if we committed to loving the people and places where God has planted us right now? What does that look like? If you’ve ever wanted to break up with your everyday life, Shannan’s book might help you rediscover its beauty.


This book comes out on October 9th, but you can preorder it now.

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