Sunday Sundries (links you might like)

Are there many folks who sit down and read things longer than a few sentences these days? I hope so. Maybe what your hurried season needs is some time with your favorite coffee (or tea) and some life-giving words.


This is from Dorina. She writes about loss and redemption. Joy and pain.

Crystal just launched her first book. She writes about the day of her launch party here. I want to stand up and cheer because it’s hard to figure out how to hustle hard and rest well. Her book and her launch party are a tribute to handling this with balance.

Kimberly’s youngest just turned 13. She writes about watching her kids grow up. I watched my own girl pack up some now “too-young” toys recently. I feel like I’m standing right there with her.

The Mercy of Silence for Shannon.

“When I busy myself

to fix myself

And demand you speak when I say

Gift me the mercy of silence.” (read the rest at Shannon’s link)



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