Well, We Did It. We Survived 7th Grade.

We made it through 7th grade.

I’ve had a go at 7th grade once before when I actually was the 7th grader. Having kids means I get another shot (or 3) at this.

I don’t know what my son learned, but here’s what I learned.

**Middle school is when our kids are least worried about the future and my parent fears ramp up a notch.**

I’m starting to think more about college preparation and careers and how to prepare my kids to launch well. My 7th grader is confident that he knows just about everything he needs to know and everything will work out in his favor.

**Having a “strict” mom is something my kid is wearing as a badge of honor and his friends appreciate it, too.**

Who has a mom who chimes in with the boys chatting while playing Fortnite? My kid does 🙂

“Hey kids this is Mrs. Fritz! I know you’re having a great time playing Fortnite. I’d like you to continue having fun, but I don’t want to hear you swearing and calling each other idiots.”

“Yes, Ma’am”.

**This is the time when I’m least interested in my 7th grader’s most recent obsession, but I need to listen anyway because he’s interested in talking to me**

I don’t understand video games. I don’t love my 7th grader’s favorite music. I’m clueless about any of the Marvel or DC movies. I’m not really interested in the books he is reading.

But I’m interested in having a relationship with my son.

So, I take a deep breath. I don’t roll my eyes. I listen. Some day he might not be a chatty and I’ll miss this.

**This is the time to let out the rope a little at a time while still staying engaged in my child’s life**

The hanging on and letting go balance is hard.

We’re working on babysteps of letting go. Ethan’s working on babysteps of practicing taking responsibility for himself.

It’s easier to swing to either extreme when it comes to parenting. Hanging out in the middle takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

And, one more thing. . .

If you leave your phone unattended, your 7th grader is going to take a selfie.


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2 thoughts on “Well, We Did It. We Survived 7th Grade.

  1. Haha, yeah I teach Sunday school to elementary aged kiddos and they keep talking about this. My son plays Minecraft and we love superheroes stories for the most part. Relationships are vital, fun and rewarding and yes they can be tough too!

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