Psalm 123 & Lessons From My Puggle

Psalm 123: 1-4

I lift my eyes to you,

 the One enthroned in heaven.

Like a servant’s eyes on his master’s hand,

like a servant girl’s eyes on her misstress’s hand,

so our eyes are on the Lord our God until He shows us favor.

Show us favor, Lord, show us favor for we’ve had more than enough contempt.

We’ve had more than enough scorn from the arrogant and contempt from the proud.


My dog, Max, isn’t very smart, but there is one thing he does that impresses me. He’s constantly watching me. Even when he’s sleeping, he keeps an awareness of what I’m up to about the house.

He’s observed our family enough to conclude some important things:

*I’m the pack leader

*It’s time to go in the kennel when I put on my shoes.

Max knows, by the way I talk and move, when I’m getting ready to leave. He knows what I’m going to ask him to do and sometimes he does it before I say a word. I pick up my shoes and he trots to the kennel.

(not my puggle, but this one is awfully cute)

I picture my sweet dog when I read these verses about the servant’s eyes being on the master’s hand. The hands of the master might signify provision or they might signify direction.  I wonder if a good servant is a faithful student of the master? Even a small hand movement might be a clue that tells the servant what is required of her.

The faithful servant’s eyes are on the master.

She’s lost without him.

She relies on him for protection, direction and favor.


Father, our eyes are on you.

Forgive us for the times we’ve looked elsewhere for affirmation.

We’re done with the fixing our gaze on things that disappoint.

We look to you for protection, provision, guidance and favor.


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