2 Ways To Observe Lent

I know observing Lent can be a cliche.

Giving up something obvious, like social media or sugar, can be worthy of a cynical eye-roll.

And yet.

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I’ve decided there’s something to it. I had a conversation with some friends last weekend. We were talking about different church traditions and I found myself mentioning that it seems, when someone reaches adulthood, sometimes they start to value different ways of “doing church”.


Your liturgy is simply the formula of how you worship. We all have liturgical traditions, even the churches that don’t see themselves as “liturgical”.

My church has a liturgy that looks like this: Video roll that indicates it’s time to sit down, singing, preaching, communion meditation, communion, offering and announcements.

When we stick to the same thing, it can become routine and we stop paying attention. Or maybe that’s just me? So, I guess what I’m saying is that maybe this is a good time to try a new way to observe the Lenten season.

A different liturgy- one that holds to the same timeless truth of the gospel, but gives you an opportunity to experience it in a new way.

Here are 2 ways I’m observing Lent this year:

*I’m reading along with the She Reads Truth Lent reading plan. You can follow along at their site for free. I read through the listed Bible passages and the accompanying devotional thought. I love how it focuses on the parallels between this season and the Exodus story of delivering the Israelites.

*I’m spending less time on social media. I know. Roll your eyes. It’s alright. I’m staying away from Twitter entirely and I’m only checking in on FB to check with with some groups and to make sure I didn’t miss anyone who might be trying to reach me. I’ll also share my new content there.  I already feel less anxious.

These two changes are helping me pay attention.

How about you? What are you doing to help you pay attention this season? Are you trying something new?




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