4 Social Media Accounts Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Social media can be a black hole that sucks you in with the worst possible things: shocking headlines, constant negativity, alarmist articles. . . Sometimes it’s too much.

What you really need is something to make you smile.

These are my top 4 social media accounts that are guaranteed to make you smile. And by “guaranteed”, well, I’m not sure how to follow up on the guarantee, but I’m so confident you’re going to love these, I’m not worried.

Another caveat is that the place I most love to see these people is on Instagram- specifically their Instagram stories. That’s why I’ve prioritized linking their Instagram accounts here.

  1. John Crist.

(image via twitter)

Instagram- johnbcrist

He’s a treasure of fun all over the world-wide-web 🙂 I know you’ve seen his Millenial International video.  He will make you laugh and that’s worth the price of admission, right there.


2. Annie F. Downs

(image vie Annie’s twitter profile)

Instagram- anniefdowns

Annie is an author, speaker, and podcast host. I follow her because embraces life in a way I wish I did and she almost always has a smile.

3. Jamie Ivey

(image via Jamie’s site)

Instagram- jamieivey

Jamie is a podcast host and has her first book coming out soon! Her podcast, The Happy Hour, kept me company on a long drive this past fall and I loved every minute of it!


4. Logan Wolfram

(image via Logan’s instagram)

Instagram- loganlwolfram

Logan is an author and speaker. She’s authentic and she’s funny. I love her stories of her family and her failed attempts to find a table at Starbucks.

Those are my 4.  Who do you follow that makes you smile?

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