What I Learned This Fall

At the end of every season, I look back and attempt to tie together themes and make note of the things I learned. Serious things, interesting things, random things- all the things we are sure we’ll remember, but we don’t if we fail to record them.

This is what I learned during the fall of 2017.

Change has been the theme of this year.

It took until the end of this season so see how connected this year’s shifts have been. I’ve had lots opportunities to evaluate if I’m willing to make hard decisions. I’m still learning The Art Of The Good Goodbye. This has been the hardest transition I’ve faced.

You can simultaneously know you’re called to move on from a place and still deeply mourn its loss.

We’re Still Learning Lessons From 9/11

I found this article about the iconic falling man photo and it fascinating.

“The photographer is no stranger to history; he knows it is something that happens later. In the actual moment history is made, it is usually made in terror and confusion, and so it is up to people like him—paid witnesses—to have the presence of mind to attend to its manufacture.”

Stranger Things Is A Fun, Nostalgic Watch

A few weeks ago, I asked Nathan if we should watch Stranger Things. We hadn’t watched a show together for quite a while. This was a fun one. There are lots of winks to 80’s  culture and media and it’s a little spooky.

It Takes Courage To Be Ordinary, But It’s Beautiful

I’ve developed an allergy to anything that gives me the impression that’s it’s trying to be big or flashy. Give me faithfulness over the long haul over cool any day. I love this article on the subject.

“Most ministry is rightly done in obscurity. My best stories are those that few will ever know. As hard as that is, I think that’s very appropriate. For in those cases, my Father sees, understands, appreciates, and affirms. And that’s enough. “- Elliot Grudem

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