What I Learned This Spring

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman today to review what we learned this spring. It’s a simple practice I’ve grown to love. It’s just like your mama told you when you had your first child: if you don’t write it down, you won’t remember all the special moments.

I’m so glad for the times I listened and recorded those moments with my babies/toddlers/bigger kids. I’m kicking myself for the times I didn’t.

And this isn’t just about parenting. Any life lessons can be lost if we don’t take to the time to record and reflect. I always have a moment when I think I didn’t learn anything that interesting. Then I remind myself that, surely, I grew in some way in the past three months. Right?

This is what I learned this spring.



*I can now pronounce mucopolysaccharidosis II. (Hunter Syndrome)

My friend, Melissa, challenged me to take the MPS challenge and I happily rounded up the kids to help me make a video. Imagine knowing that there is a cure for your child’s disease and the only thing standing in the way is a dollar amount. For more information, check out this link.



*When you get a chance to take a vacation at the beach, you should take it.

We took advantage of our flexible homeschool schedule and went to the Gulf after most schools had spring break and before school was let out for the year. It was heavenly. Beautiful weather, great rates and it wasn’t crowded.



*When Calls The Heart has far too much relationship angst and drama (but we’re still going to watch it- minus my husband).

We binge-watched the seasons on Netflix. They almost killed us with all the unnecessary relationship pitfalls. Nathan had to hide out in another room. It was too much for him. I almost quit watching because it was too stressful, but my 10 year old daughter was hooked. Now we’re stuck at a cliff-hanger until the next season is on Netflix.



*We can drive all the way from Nashville, TN to St. Paul, MN in one day.

I’m not sure we’ll do it again, but we did the entire drive in one day. In involved leaving our house at 4:00am. The first couple hours of driving was amazing! No traffic! The last hour of driving, however, was brutal. We wanted to be done driving already.



*It’s easy to be cynical. I don’t want to be cynical.

It takes work to fight cynicism. I’m discovering that it’s more brave to stay sensitive and hopeful than it is to be hard and cynical. It’s also a lot harder. But what’s the alternative? I don’t want to live a cynical life.

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4 thoughts on “What I Learned This Spring

  1. Whoa, you guys drove from Nashville to St. Paul in ONE day? But leaving at 4:00am sounds painful. And yes, I agree –> “It’s easy to be cynical. I don’t want to be cynical.” Life is too short to be cynical. Thanks for sharing. It was great to “meet” you at Emily’s!

  2. I agree, such a stunning image! I haven’t heard of When Calls The Heart but I am up at night feeding at the moment so might give that one a go after I finish Downton Abbey 🙂 (Visiting from #62 of the link up)

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