Saturday Sundries- A few links for your weekend

Happy Saturday! Here are some of my favorite links from this week. I think you’ll like them!


Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Do All The Things– Maybe you’ve noticed a theme in my life lately. Or maybe not 🙂 I’m working on listening to what it is that I’m supposed to be focusing my energy on in this season. It’s hard because so many people have opinions about it. So many opinions.  Here’s a quote from the article that has given me lots on think about:

“Are the activities we’re doing what God has invited us to do to glorify and love Him and others, OR are they just things that we’ve told ourselves we should do because we have the capacity?”

We don’t have to do things just because there is a gap in our calendar?? What??

Learning To  Love Your Past Self– Do you ever groan in embarrassment over who you were a decade (or less) ago? I love this article about showing grace to the person you used to be. She’s the one who enabled you to be who you are right now.

The Fine Art Of Holding Your Tongue– If you don’t regularly follow Crystal Stine, you’re  missing out. I love how she graciously communicates about Holy Hustle.  Here’s a quote from her article:

“Sometimes the best option is to hold your tongue, sit on your hands, or walk away. Understand that not everything everyone you follow posts will be for you – so feel free to keep your discouraging and opposing commentary to yourself and think instead about the time and heart and courage it took someone to create . . .”

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