Saturday Sundries: January 28, 2017

Welcome to the weekend! Every week I try to put together a list of the best things I found on the web. I love it when I see other people’s lists and am grateful for the opportunity to share these with you as well.

Something to make you think:

Fact Are Our Friends. . ., a post from Christianity Today.

I know we are tired of politics. There is so much out there that is finger-pointing and angry. But, can we agree that we should be careful about the news that we share? We should care more about the truth than what props up our ideology.

“But, regardless, this doesn’t mean that we should be so desperate to find stories to prop up our view that we indiscriminately accept anything that supports the person that we like (or disparages the person we do not). We should be those who seek truth no matter what.”

Something to make you laugh:

This post from Melanie made me laugh so hard I almost spit out my coffee.

She happens upon some videos that demonstrate the correct pronunciation for some words. Hilarity ensues when she discovers that these are not actually helpful videos. 🙂 Don’t miss the one for “frappuccino”.

Something to encourage you:

God doesn’t need you to try so hard– from Jennie Allen.

“If you’re exhausted from the struggle to prove yourself, you are not alone. We are so often dragged along in the darkness, unable to save ourselves from our thoughts and from our shame and from our mistakes. We try to slap self-esteem tactics on our fears, but they don’t stick because, well, it’s true: We are not enough.

This would be a terribly depressing thought if it weren’t followed by the most freeing truth in all of eternity: God knew we would never be enough. So he became enough for us. Jesus is our enough.”

Jennie’s new book, Nothing To Prove, comes out on January 31st. You can preorder it now. I can’t recommend it enough!

Enjoy your weekend! I’m working on a post for Monday that I hope will be encouraging and helpful to you.

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