Enough With The Character-Building Parenting Experiences

My husband gave me some great encouragement a little while ago:

“Yes. Even without  our kid’s struggles with OCD, I think kids going through puberty would be hell for you, given that desire…I’m sorry.”

That was in response to my comment of saying that I want to control things. I want people happy, calm and well-adjusted.

So, I just want you to know that puberty is going to be a major character building exercise for me. I thought it was rough the first time. You know, the time I went through it personally. But I have a feeling that was only round one.

Parenting means we get to go through puberty a second time.

Hello puberty, round 2.

Hello learning I don’t control anything even though I desperately want to.

Hello laughter and good things too. Help me to not miss that in the middle of the chaos.

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