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I’m going to do my best to type, but my fingers are freezing. It feels like -4 outside. That’s relevant even though I’m inside because the front door was open all night. I discovered this when I woke up to a bedroom that was approximately 127 degrees (give or take a little). I thought to myself, “We need to change the settings on the thermostat. It’s set way too high.” The bedroom door was closed. All the heat the furnace was using to try to warm up a house with an open front door, was in my bedroom. The rest of the house is freezing.

For future reference, in case you consider leaving your door open on a cold night, I advise against it.

How about some Saturday links/fun?

A funny video about how hipsters are taking over coffee shops:


Learning to Breathe Again As A Parent

The Was The Year That Was: 2016 -From an author who has struggled with mental health and some things that worked for her.

Creating the Space You Crave

How To Practice Hospitality Without Showing Off

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  1. I watched the hipster/coffee shop video yesterday and sort of was wondering why SHE was spending so much time meeting to talk at the coffee shops. Even I don’t have enough time to meet friends at the coffee shop every day. Just sayin, it seemed she was a little bit like the very people she was criticizing to me…just sayin….

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