Christmas Isn’t Fair And That’s Good News For You

Christmas isn’t fair.

The God that could have chosen to feel nothing but anger at His creation, chose to let his heart break with ours.

I read this quote this week:

“I’m glad Jesus didn’t insist on fairness. He would’ve stayed in heaven and never gone to the cross. Christmas is all about this attitude of releasing fairness and embracing grace. It’s so radical and potent that just a few drops can begin to affect a whole family, changing a scene, a gathering, a season, even a legacy.” – Gary Morland


Part of the miracle of Christmas is that God, out of his love for us, chose to give us what we needed most and not what we deserved.

He modeled the secret to what begins to heal broken people and soften hardened hearts: moving toward someone in grace.

This is Christianity.

“While other creeds endeavor to get us out of the world and into heaven, in Christianity, heaven comes down and Christ comes into this world to get us. To suffer with us.  We find favor — only because Christ feels pain.” – Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift

Emmanuel- God with us.  The greatest gift of Christmas is that the Creator of the universe came to us. He made the first move before we were cleaned up enough to be worthy of a king.

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