What I Learned This Fall


1) I can simultaneously love and hate the back to school routine.


This is likely due to the fact that as a homeschool family, “back to school” doesn’t mean my kids go anywhere. They are still with me only I’m telling them, “Get back to work” and “Why is your math book in the middle of the floor?” I love having a routine. I love having a plan. I don’t love the extracurricular shuttle service that starts up again in the fall.

2)  Election season is stressful for me.


It reminded me that I need better boundaries regarding what kind of voices I allow into my space. It took me too long, but I finally gave myself permission to unfollow the voices that were causing me anxiety without adding anything of value.

3) I remember what I loved about The Gilmore Girls.


(image via Netflix)

I spent all of Saturday evening and Sunday morning watching the new Gilmore Girls revival. There were some head-scratching moments (I’m looking at you, too-long Stars Hollow, The Musical), but there were some equally redeeming parts. I remembered what I loved about Gilmore Girls all along.

I always loved the whimsy and quirks of all the townies. Kirk’s random occupations were part of what made us want to visit Star’s Hollow. The episodes that showcased the quirky residents were some of my favorites.

But there was one element that always brought me back. The thing I loved best was always the portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship.

Not that one.

The mother-daughter relationship that was the most touching and relatable was the one between Emily and Lorelei. Kelly Bishop was perfection in her role.

4) I’m addicted to caffeine.

I learned this one last week at our family reunion. It took me until we were driving back home for me to put the clues together. Oh…. that’s why I had a terrible headache for two days.

 That’s my list. I’d love to read yours. Don’t forget to check out all the other lessons learned this fall at Emily Freeman’s page today!

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