Saturday Sundries: Gilmore Girls GIFS, Overthinking, & Something To Consider

Who said the internet is full of crazy? It’s also full of things that can make you laugh, smile and think.

First, in the “make you laugh” category:

You need this Gilmore Girls Guide To Surviving This Thanksgiving. There are GIF’s. That’s pretty much all you need to know!

“Regardless of our political persuasion, I think we all know that the upcoming holidays might be a little rocky. I mean, really, getting together with family and friends over turkey and SO MANY POTATOES always makes for an unpredictable scenario. Who knows what Uncle Bob is going to say this year? And where did all these kids come from? And why do we have so many side dishes and no bread? How did that even happen?

Thanksgiving can be rough — and nobody knows that better than the Gilmores.”  

You can find the rest of the post here.


In the “make you smile” category:

This one made me smile because it’s all about the stories we make up in our heads when we over-think things. Yep, I’m an over-thinker!

“You’ve made a new friend you think you’ll really be able to connect with and who really seems to be interested in friendship. But instead of playing it cool, you start assuming she thinks you’re too much before you even get past the first conversation. You shouldn’t have said that, or laughed like that, or bombarded her with so much information so soon. She’s right, you are too much.” . . . ack! That’s me. How about you? For the rest of the post, check it out here.

Lastly, in the “make you think” category:

I know you’re tired of the election, but just one more tiny resource might be a good way to leave things.

This is from Lore Ferguson Wilbert-

“. . .My frustration had to do with a liberal elite smugness and a GOP’s smug we-told-you-so base I’m seeing in response to the election. Calls for “safe spaces and honest dialogue” and incredulity at the election outcome by liberals, and an absolute outright gloating and total blind-eye to the President-elect’s foibles, failures, and future blunders by conservatives. I was grateful, in one sense, that most of the Christians I know and respect did not vote for Trump, but that alone illustrates the issue: I surround myself with people with whom I agree. It’s called a confirmation bias and we all have them. The trick is to know you do and to not demonize the ones who don’t know, but to instead educate them and yourself along the way.”

For the rest of the conversation, check our her post.

Happy Saturday!


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