Surviving A Move: After You Jump

When we finally made the decision to move and were a couple days into unpacking boxes in our new home, anxiety hit me.

It was bad.

You’re going to feel anxious.

Expect to have some, “What did we just do?” feelings. I was reading past blog posts from the week after we moved to Tennessee. One day I was hopeful and excited. The next day I was scared and overwhelmed.

I wrote this:

“Yesterday, I started to feel fearful about our move. It really hit me that this was a huge thing and all the things that I ever felt insecure about before still are with me. Moving only magnified them. I told Nathan and I mentioned it to some friends in email and asked for prayer and I spent time praying about it this morning.

I felt less anxious and more peaceful. I had some important administrative household/budget things to work out today and they worked out well. Some things that were weighing on me came together. I feel grateful.

Moving has put us in a position to see God’s hand at work taking care of us. Nathan and I realized a few days ago that we had made this “jump” knowing that we would need to rely on the Lord’s help to navigate this transition, but that we had somehow lost sight of making prayer a priority. So, Nathan said, “We should pray. Right now.” It made me feel loved. My husband taking the initiative to talk to our heavenly Father about our family and how we need him and want to learn to love Him better- that’s good stuff.”

Praying is good.

As a believer, I know the importance of prayer. Sometimes, though, I think about it or talk about it more than I actually do it.

Just spending some time talking with God during that season reminded us that He had it in His control. We could do our part, but He brought us this far, and He was still with us. The only explanation for the peace I had was that it was supernatural. We had a long list of big stressful things that could have been debilitating, but it wasn’t.


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The view is amazing.

I wish I could take credit for this quote, but it came from an interview with a person who was in the middle of a church plant. While we can’t specifically relate to that, it still felt applicable to our situation:

“We were way out on a limb with God, but the view of His faithfulness was spectacular.” – Amanda Jones

When you try something that scares you, it gives you a chance to rely on God in a whole new way. It gives you a chance to see God’s provision up close. It’s a gift you can’t see as clearly when you are safe and comfortable.

Thanks for journeying with me this month. We have one day left. I’m so grateful for you.

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