Surviving A Move: To Rent or Buy?

We weren’t in a position to buy a house when we moved. We owned a house that we were unable to sell and decided that the best course of action for us would be to rent for a little while.

For Rent sign in front of a house.
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It worked out really well for us. Here are some advantages of renting when you move:

Renting gives you time to figure out the area

You can’t tell by looking at a map how long it is going to take you to commute to work. You don’t know what neighborhoods are best. Spending some time in a community gives you a chance to figure all of that out. I don’t regret renting at all for this very reason.

Your friendships may influence where you want to live

A year of renting also gives you a year of friend-making experience. If you get to know some great friends in a particular area, you now have the opportunity to choose to live near them. You also may rule out some areas for the same reason. Maybe the neighborhood you were so interested in when you first moved to town ends up not looking so great when you realize only grumpy old men over the age of 75 live there. 🙂

You don’t have to pay for expensive home maintenance repairs

With all the other things you’re spending money on when you move, it might be nice to be able to take a break from pay for A/C repairs, new hot water heaters and dishwashers. All of those things are someone else’s problem. That’s a good feeling.

It gives you flexibility if you’re feeling unsure about your long-term plans

If you feel unsure about your decision to move, renting is a good option. Maybe you don’t know if the job will be a good fit. Maybe you have some reservations. Renting gives you a chance to say, “yes”, to trying something without the worry that you’ll be in a house you can’t sell.


How about you ? Did you rent or buy when you moved?


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