Surviving A Move: Making Friends (Part I)

Making friends is one of the hardest things about moving. I’m cheating a little on this one because I procrastinated and didn’t a get new post up for today. I plan to write a brand new post on this for tomorrow, but for now, I mined what I already have written.

I have quite a few posts I’ve written on friendship and some of them are applicable to moving.


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This is a portion of a post I previously wrote.

Sometimes, technology keeps us from making new friends:

It’s amazing that we can stay in contact with friends even when we live 15 hours away (or maybe even half a world away). We feel like we’re connected because we’re interacting with them online. When we’re having a terrible day, it’s never been easier to pull out our phones and text our BFF.

These are real and meaningful relationships.

However, if you’ve been continuing to pour most of your relational energy into your friends 900 miles away, there will come a point when you realize you are really missing the face-to-face, in-person friendships.

You can read the rest of that post here.

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