Surviving A Move: The Gift Of Being New

I’ve said enough for now about some of the challenges that come with moving. How about we move on to discussing some positive things? Being new to an area is such a unique and quickly-fleeting thing that it can be easy to miss the gifts that being new has to offer.


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You Get A Chance At Starting Fresh

This is a gift you don’t get if you live in the same community your entire life. This is an opportunity to think about who you want to be and how you want your life to look. No one has any preconceived ideas about you. They don’t know any of the stupid things decisions you made in the past. This is something that I was happy for and scared of all at the same time.

You Have White Space On Your Calendar

This is scary for people who feel like they need to be busy all the time and this may not be the case for everyone when they move. Some people have a lot of moving-related things that keep them busy. This may be the perfect time to really filter what goes back on your calendar.

You See Things In A Way No One Else Does

This is a gift you bring to others. Being new to an organization means you can see some things others take for granted. If a church wants to know how accessible they are to newcomers, you can answer that question for them.

If You’ve Been Overextended In Ministry, This Is Your Time To Rest

When you volunteer in the nursery, teach a Sunday School class, lead a Bible Study and help with the food pantry, it can be hard to get a break at your own church. For a short period of time (notice, I said “short”- haha!) this is your time to let other people do the heavy lifting. It’s okay. In this season, taking a step back and working on all your own inner disciplines is just as important as all the external serving your could be doing.

I’m sure I’ve missed some things. What have you found to be a benefit of being new? Drop me a note!


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