Something I’m Working On

For the past several years, I’ve watched on the sidelines as different bloggers took part in the Write 31 Days challenge.

This year I’m joining them! (and now that I’ve said it, I have to do it, right?)

For the month of October, I’ll be writing every day about what it’s like to move from one part of the country to another. I’ll write about the things we did right and the things we did wrong. I’m even planning on including interviews from different people. I’m really excited about it!



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This is for you if you if any of these topics resonate with you:

*The hardest part of moving

*Making friends

*Culture shock

*The difficulty of finding a church

*What to do when you can’t even find your toaster (that’s for my friend, Ashley!)

*Helping your kids through a difficult transition

*Renting woes

Those are just a few things. There will be even more throughout the month of October.

I would love to encourage anyone who has recently moved, is planning a move or feels like they are still recovering from one. Or maybe you’re just curious about the story of how our family decided to move from Minnesota to Tennessee. Whoever you are, I would love to have you join me. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Thanks for coming along!




5 thoughts on “Something I’m Working On

  1. I’m really struggling with the move right now, so I will try to write about it every day, too. I’ll write on my website. I’m going to start right now.

  2. I’m pretty sure there will be bumps along the way (duh) but this kind of experience will teach you more than you would ever expect. Patience will be tested, but hold on to it! I’m glad I stumbled upon your post. Do keep us posted about your cross-country move, alright!

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