Saturday Sundries: August 27

Happy Saturday!

We finished our 4th week of school this week and I’m feeling very ready for fall weather. So far, Middle Tennessee is not agreeing. We’ve had several 90 degree days this week. In fact, it feels like 102 degrees outside right now. Here are some things I saw or read this week that I thought I would pass along to you.

This video clip of news anchors laughing uncontrollably after an interview with Ryan Lochte made me laugh so hard.


You need to read this new book.

Shannan Martin has a book coming out very soon and here you can read an article that talks a little about their story. Her book is fabulous. I’m on the launch team for her book and was able to get a copy to read and review.  I’ll write more about it in the next couple of days. You can find out more about it here too.


I had an article published on the Huffington Post!

I’ve submitted a couple of things to HuffPo and a couple of days ago, my article on being an early grieving mom was posted.

What I didn’t mention was that another one of my posts was also on their site. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure that one “counted” because it didn’t have to go through any editors and I was able to just hit “post” and have it on their site. I’m beta testing a new framework they are using with bloggers. Of course, you never know exactly where your article will be and if anyone will see it. I was pleasantly surprised later to look at their “parenting” page and see a link to my article featured there for everyone to see!


This article on the care and treatment of an unhealthy church was very interesting.

Here’s a quote:

“Too often, we tell hurting, broken, unhealthy churches to start acting like their strong, healthy siblings. Or we tell them how to get bigger, assuming that bigger equals healthier. Then we can’t understand why so many of them stay unhealthy or get sicker.”

Have you seen or read anything interesting this week? 


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