4 Things I Learned Last Week

4 Things I Learned Last Week.


  • Meal Planning Saves Money.

You probably already knew that little fact, but I had gotten really lazy at meal planning. We were going to the grocery store every day because I wasn’t thinking about more than one meal at a time. It was killing our budget! So, I sat down and made a real menu for the week and a comprehensive grocery list. I ended up spending 50% less than the previous week.

  • This Cookie Recipe Is Delicious.

Do you love chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? Do you also love the taste of coconut? We had some friends over a couple of weeks ago and they brought these cookies. I loved them so much that I decided we needed to make them. I’m going to be a horrible blogger and just give away the secret without making you click 5 million times. Replace the butter with coconut oil. That’s the secret. If you like the┬átaste of coconut, you’ll like these cookies. It also makes the just the right texture. Not too soft not too hard. A little chewy (which I love). The secret is the oil.



  • I don’t have a baby anymore.

My “baby” is looking more and more like a giant to me and I’m all mixed up emotionally over the entire thing.


How did his legs get so darn long? This week, for our homeschool tutorial, Isaac brought his stuffed dogs, Henry & Peanut, with him to show the kids in his class. He announced to the class that he had something to tell them about Henry. “Henry can talk!” The kids were a little skeptical until they saw Isaac tilt his head to the side, as if he were listening to Henry tell him something. Isaac’s eyes grew wide with surprise and Isaac exclaimed, “You did WHAT?!”

The class and teachers were in stitches. We have NO idea what shocking thing Henry confessed in Isaac’s ear, but we’re all having fun imagining what it might have been.

  • The 5th Wave Is A Bad Movie

Nathan rented a movie he thought we might like. I have no other way to describe other than, “bad”. I love a good YA story, but this one felt contrived. Someone might need to analyze it and tell me why I didn’t like it. I think it was that I didn’t care for the characters. I was not invested in them.


Those are my 4 things from this last week. Leave me a comment and tell me something you learned/loved/enjoyed last week!

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