Necessity, Motherhood & Invention

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”




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I’ve heard that saying for years. The idea is that when there is a need for something, it can spark creativity to formulate a solution. So true.

But as I sat thinking about it this morning, I honed in on the “mother” part of the saying. Do you know who is the most likely to move the world to figure out a solution? A mom. More specifically, a mom whose child is struggling.

We can’t sustain it over the long-run, but, sometimes, in the middle of the adrenaline-filled crisis, we come up with something brilliant. When it comes together, it’s a thing of beauty.

This week, after months of my child being unable to enjoy playing with her Barbies because of a bully that’s called OCD, she had some homework from our therapist that gave me an idea of my own.

I sat down and wrote a letter to Audrey from Barbie. It was brilliant. I laid it on her pillow with several of her Barbies sitting next to it.

For some reason, it worked.

We’re playing with our Barbies again and I’m feeling like a bit of a superhero.


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