Grace For Real World Women

What to do when you're tired. Grace for the tired woman who needs a break.

I think women are tired.

  • Tired of feeling not enough.
  • Tired of being pulled too many ways.
  • Tired of getting to the finish line only to discover it was moved.

I think women need someone to offer encouragement that there is something more.

  • More than treading water.
  • More than the same failures over and over again.
  • More than dishes, laundry and driving our children to their activities.

I think women are hungry to know that progress is attainable and okay and perfection is exhausting and impossible.

  • Desperate to hear that good enough for today isn’t a cop-out or a resignation to mediocre, less-than life.
  • Desperate for someone to figure out a way to gently say, “You’re doing great and I know you can do even better,” without making us feel like a failure.

We want to know where the checklist is for women who are like us.

  • Women with little margin.
  • Women with limited resources.
  • Women who want to make their lives and homes beautiful and meaningful, but aren’t sure how with all the other things that are crowding in.

For the woman who needs a real world to-do list:

  • Do make time to listen to God’s Word.
  • Do ask God to order your day in a way that is life-giving to you, your family and others.
  • Do something ┬áthat makes you come alive
  • Do offer grace to yourself and others.


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