Saturday Sundries- For The Person Who Needs To Laugh

Happy Saturday! I’m so happy you stopped by. This week has been heavy and it’s asking for some levity.

You know a blog post is amazing when you remember it two years later and hunt it down to read it again. That’s the way I feel about this post by Melanie Shankle.

“In other news that you aren’t going to believe, I think I may be living out my very own version of E.B. White’s Charlotte Web. . . “

You’re going to need to click the link to read the rest of the story. I promise you will laugh out loud.


How about some graduation bingo? Just in case you need something to keep you busy while 1,572 names are called.


Because dog-shaming is kind of funny:


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And finally, the real reason we have children:



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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sundries- For The Person Who Needs To Laugh

  1. Nooooo. You can’t say that last one on Facebook, because that is why my kids told me, years ago, that I had kids. To do all the work I didn’t like doing. And I told them it wasn’t the reason. Don’t make me look like I lied to them!! 😉

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