What I Learned In April

Yes, it is a few days into the new month, but I just decided I wanted to write this post and time travel is not a thing yet.

So, this is what I learned (inspired by Emily P. Freeman’s monthly round-up of posts).

What I Learned In April.

1.Having an 11 year old is neato.


Our oldest turned 11 and I have all the feelings of time flying by too quickly. I’m singing Sunrise, Sunset even now. ¬†Babies and toddlers can be cute and snuggly, but 11-year-olds have fascinating conversations with you.

2. Close friendships are hard, but always worth the fight.¬†This has been a season of refining relationships. That seems to be the theme of 2016 so far. I’ve worked through some painful things. I’ve made some poor choices and some good choices. I hope I’m getting better at friendship.


3. I’ve learned that I enjoy being a connector. I’m 3/4 of the way through Jennie Allen’s Restless study. I’m so glad I made room in my schedule for it. It’s interesting how we can take our own strengths for granted. I’ve enjoyed this study so much I’ve decided to lead the study myself in the fall (watch for details if you’re local).

4. Lisa-Jo Baker’s book Surprised By Motherhood is one of the best books on the subject I’ve read. It put words to much of my own parenting journey. She also lost her mother at a young age. So, I feel like she gets me.

“Becoming a parent is a lot like breaking up with yourself.”- Lisa-Jo Baker.

What have you learned? Drop me a comment below.

2 thoughts on “What I Learned In April

  1. I’ve learned that movers are awesome but overwhelming, that friendships change and that’s ok, and that planning 11 days to be without my spouse was needed on a practical getting stuff done here and he needed to work there level, but sucks in reality. Especially with no furniture and no car.

    1. Oh wow! Yes, that sounds stinky. I remember having my husband finishing up our house projects in the house, with no furniture, before we left. The kids and I were at my dad’s. It was a crazy time.

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