More & Less- The Life I Want To Create

When I think about why I write and what I’m about I think of the things I want more of and the things I want nothing to do with. In no particular order, this is my More & Less list:


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  • This world needs more safe places where people can say scary things.


  • We need less lines in the sand that keep people out and more comfy living room chairs that invite people in.


  • Less taking ourselves too seriously and more laughter.


  • Less waiting for our big break and more embracing our small right now significance.


  • More dance parties while doing the dishes.


  • More “Me too” and less “How could you?”


  • More back-road detours that make us laugh.


  • More fiction that compels us stay up too late to see how it ends.


What’s makes up your More & Less list?



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