Why I Love Fuller House

I unashamedly admit that I spent last evening watching Fuller House. I’m 4 episodes in and I love it.

Is this compelling television? Not in the least.


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Why do I love it?

  • It’s not trying to be something it’s not.¬†It’s always been cheesy family stories wrapped up in a neat bow. Critiquing it for the cheese-factor is like vacationing in Seattle and complaining when it rains. What did you expect? I came expecting cheese and was not disappointed.


  • Nostalgia. I had my kids watch a boy band video recently that was popular when I was much younger. It was so fun. My kids were filled with questions: Why is their hair like that? Did they really think those pants were cool? We laughed and laughed. In episode one, when I saw The Rippers in the background of the scene, I got a little teary. When they busted out the NKOTB music, I was sold. There have been a lot of reboots of old series that have been announced recently. I read an review that suggested people might be getting tired of all the nostalgia. I’m not there yet.


  • Group hugs and dancing. How can you not smile when everyone is huddled up together? I’m only a few episodes into the season, but there seems to be a lot of dancing. I love the dancing. Bring on more dancing. It appeals to that part of me that thinks it would be fabulous if real-life was actually a musical.


Is it a kid-friendly show? That depends on the ages of your kids. Based on the episode with Captain Awesome, I would say, it’s not. There are some comments that you will pray go over your kids’ heads. There is some language that’s used that we don’t use in our house, but it’s probably nothing more than your kids will hear at the playground. If you err on the conservative side, watch it yourself first. The show was made more for my demographic than my kids’, but I haven’t watched the entire series yet.

Have you watched it? I want to hear your favorite laugh-out-loud moments (or the moments when you rolled your eyes).



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