The Standoff (Stuff Married Couples Like)

I lost the standoff.

I was strong for 5 days, but on the 6th, my stubborn resolve crumbled like a stale children’s church goldfish cracker.

This is something that should have been covered in premarital counseling. The dirty secret of otherwise peaceful marriages.

The standoff.

The dishes are overflowing in the sink. Who will blink first and wash them?

The crumbs covering the stovetop from your husband and daughter baking scones for the Bible Bowl bake sale.

The garbage cans that are overflowing because you can put one more thing in it if you really try.

The clean clothes you put in a nice pile on your spouse’s side of the bed.

The suitcase that needs to be put away from last month’s vacation.

I blinked.

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Tell me I’m not the only one whose house has standoffs like this!


2 thoughts on “The Standoff (Stuff Married Couples Like)

  1. It isn’t an issue in my generation, because most of that is “obviously” the wife’s job. Dishes in the sink – my problem; crumbs on the stove – my problem; garbage can overflowing – my problem (even though he said at some previous time that he’d take care of the garbage.) Even the suitcase is my problem, because he will claim he doesn’t know where it belongs. So, I guess things were just simpler in the olden days. Such is the price of progress!

  2. This is my daily mental battle! It would seem that it is all my problem but I physically cannot do all of it. There is not enough time in a day especially with a toddler wanting help and attention. There needs to be a balance but he swears he sees none of the things that need to be done. So I kinda want to make a chore chart for everyone.

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