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The social media world is noisy.

I can’t count the number of images, inspirational quotes, political articles, and parenting opinions I see every day as I scroll through my newsfeed.

Merely reading through some of the posts can easily put me in one of these mindsets that aren’t helpful:

  • I’m awesome because this article confirms everything I ever suspected to be true. People like me are awesome. People not like me, need to get their life straightened out.
  • I’m the biggest failure as a mom/woman/wife/Christian that ever lived. I’m doing it all wrong.
  • That  post made me feel like crap and I don’t think I really am crap and I think I need to tell the person who posted it how wrong they are.

I can have all of these thoughts within a 5 minute time frame. It’s exhausting.

One of the downfalls of social media is that it makes it too easy to draw lines in the sand over issues that, though important, are best discussed face to face or “kneecap to kneecap” (I read that term in Chris Hogan’s new book and loved it!). We have lost any appreciation of nuance.

I wish we shared more whimsy. More funny parenting stories. More “I’m with you, Sister”!

More Dax and Kristen:


“Parents Who {insert parenting choice here} Are The Worst!”

I think there are certainly times to draw lines in the sand. I’m just concerned that we’re drawing so many lines, so often, line-drawing has lost it’s impact.

I’ve been trying a new exercise before I post or share something online. First, I imagine that a very dear friend is on the other side of this issue. Let’s say her name is Matilda. I ask myself these questions:

  • Would I say these words out loud to Matilda?
  • Is this issue worth the possibility that I’ll hurt Matilda by posting this?

If the answer to either question is, “No,” I don’t share it. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe it strongly. I’ve simply decided there is a better way for me to communicate this.

Or, in the words of one of the great minds of our time, “I do not do that thing.” (bonus points if you recognize that quote).

I would love a social media feed with more:



and less




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