How I Did This Week: January 17 Update

“Significant change requires significant investment”

– Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom quoting from The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast

I’m not reading through the 5 A.M. Miracle book, but I read that quote from a post by Crystal Paine this week and it kicked me in the rear. I took my foot off the gas during the holidays and got into some bad habits. It was a good reminder that the success that I’ve had in the past with taking care of my health required some work.

Last week I gave myself an assignment to figure out how to fit in exercise when the weather isn’t ideal and to find some people to be on my team. So, how did I do?

  • I RAN!

I met up with my friend, Erin, early in the week and she mentioned that she registered for the Hot Chocolate 5k. Chocolate sounded good to me and so did a little accountability. I told her, right then, I was going to go home and sign up. I went home, she texted and asked me if I signed up and I did it. Do you know what you do when you sign up for a race? You start thinking about how you should probably prepare for it 🙂 (hopefully, you do this).

So, I ran last week. I have to admit that the weather wasn’t a big deal We had some glorious, sunny days and I was able to include my children in some of my running and that helped me to be able to do it without having to wait for Nathan to get home from work.

On Tuesday I ran/walked 1.6 miles in  22:03

On Wednesday I ran/walked 1.79 in 24:40

On Thursday I had tutorial all day and wanted to come home and sleep, but I DIDN”T! I ran/walked 1.73 in 24:12

On Saturday I ran/walked 1.97 in 26:31. It was freezing cold outside. I recently bought a long thermal shirt to wear under my other running shirt and I had a thermal layer under my pants as well. Extra layers along with my hat and gloves made it bearable.

I need to remember that getting my body moving outside, even on a cold day, makes me feel great! I’ve been reminding myself to go slow as I’m recovering from my IT Band issues. The chiropractic appointments I’ve been having seem to be helping. I’m so thankful for that.


  • I asked my husband to hold me accountable. I also have a couple of friends I’m checking in with to tell them how I’m doing.

The scale doesn’t tell the entire story, but I was down .2 lbs this week. My goal this week is to lose 1 lb. If I’m going to hit my goal weight by my 40th birthday, I need to do this! Cheer me on? Dump my junk food in the garbage? I can make enough investment in my health this week to lose 1 lb, but it’s not going to happen on accident.

Here’s my “current” photo:




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