Dear Homeschooling Mom Who Doesn’t Want To “Do School” Today

Dear Homeschooling Mom Who Doesn’t Want To “Do School” Today,

Monday morning comes way too early. The floors are cold. I should have done the dishes last night. I fear I’ve not made the most of my weekend. I have not written out the kid’s assignments for the week. I want to declare today a “vacation” day.

I could. You could. On the off-chance that a little pep talk could possibly change your mind, here are some reasons you shouldn’t take today off:

  • “Summer” break

If you put in your time today, summer break is that much closer. Don’t you want to be done in May instead of June? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  • Your day goes better when you and the kids stick to your routine

You know how your public/private school mom friends rejoice with sending their kids “back” to school? Part of that is because it’s time to get back to normal life and because your kids will annoy you less when they are busy. School work gives them less time to fight over who took the charger for their tablet (hypothetically).

  • Because part of being an adult is doing things you would rather not do

Remember when we couldn’t wait to grow up because it meant that we could sleep in, stay up late, and eat and spend however we wanted? What a horrible experience a life without any discipline turned out to be. What lesson do we want to teach our kids here?

  • It wont take that long

Well, your part might not take that long. I’m not sure how much foot-dragging your children do, but if they are over the age of 8, it’s possible that they can read their history and science books without your help. Your hands-on part as a teacher isn’t going to take your entire day. Just start with an hour this morning and you’ll get momentum going in the right direction.

  • Imagine your children never moving out and spending their days playing video games and eating your food when they are 25 (or 35)

You’re up and out of bed now, aren’t you? A little discipline today = the odds of the kids never moving out go down dramatically.


A Fellow Homeschool Mom Who Wants to Stay In Bed, But Wants Her Children To Move Out Someday


p.s. It’s possible that you can find a way to make sure your kids get their work done today while you stay in bed. I have yet to master this.

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